Last year’s garden pictures?

March 20, 2011

Is it cheating to post old pictures in a garden blog?

Well, sort of.  But, in my defense, note that the title of the blog is Obsessed Midwest Gardener.

Obsessed: Fanatical, Possessed.   Midwest: Wisconsin, people.  It snows here 4 months a year! Gardener: Pertaining to plants, most of which are buried under snow (for 4 months a year.)  There is a reason we are obsessed:   Snow. Yes, 4 months a year of snow.

Note, too,  that I want the blog to explore garden dynamics.

I started this blog in the winter.  In Wisconsin.  The weather is certainly dynamic, but the gardens are not.  Here in Wisconsin, gardens do not change all  winter. That would make for a pretty boring blog, huh?

But now Spring is here, and the gardens will change every day! Woohoo!  So while I will continue to post my best pictures, I am rolling out two new features.

The first will be a weekly garden picture, taken from the same location, so we can watch how a single site changes over the seasons.  I’ll try to post this on Mondays.

The second will be an inventory of what  is happening in the garden right now.  Here is what is blooming today, the first day of Spring:

Eranthis hyemalis, Winter Aconite

Eranthis hyemalis, Winter Aconite

These cheerful babies are highlighter-vivid, astonishing in a large cluster, gaudy as all get-out.  You plant them in the fall, when they look like dried mouse turds.  They bloom in the Spring, before everything else,  providing bodacious sunshine even on a cloudy day.   Over the years, the clusters get  larger and larger.  The foliage dies away late Spring and is never a nuisance.  They are cheap.  Hardly anybody has them.  Why not?

Crocus chrysanthus

Crocus chrysanthus, Snow Crocus

The  snow crocus, smaller and earlier than their more famous cousins.  Here is a little tidbit:  The financial community sometimes refers to  economic sectors that rise early after an economic downturn as “crocuses” because they bloom so early.  I sure do hope that ecological landscaping is a crocus!

Hyacinth and daffodil

Hyacinth and daffodil

This picture was taken on campus at Mount Mary College.  Daff  foliage is up all over the place, put look at the those hyacinth ready to open!  You only see that this early on the south side of a building.

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SJ March 28, 2011 at 1:55 pm

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your place – really like the flagstone walkway with the Crabapples framing it. It is really beautiful. I am a fellow landscaper in Chicago area. It is nice see someone in the business with a blog. Most current blogs are by hobbyists or garden writers which is cool. However, I think if you work in other peoples gardens in addition to your own there’s an added perspective and a deeper knowledge of design and horticulture that evolves from working different sites.


Danniel Ward-Packard March 28, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Thanks SJ. I think so, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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