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May 1, 2011

Almost eighteen years ago our family stayed at the guest house at the Aloha Estate in Lake Geneva.  Our son Sam was two years old. Thousands of  tulips were in bloom, and sweet  Sam decided to pick me a Mother’s Day bouquet from the seven-acre gardens.  He picked about 150 tulips before  his father stopped him.

All with two inch stems. It’s kind of hard to arrange tulips on two inch stems.

One of the great joys of growing flowers is a fresh bouquet.  I picked this one, the first of  the year,  for my dear friend Courtney last night.  Everybody pray for Courtney, will ya?  Thank you.

I find that, except for my husband and sons,  most men think they should stay where they are, but most women think flowers are for picking.  What do you think?

In this bouquet:  Daffodil “Early Gold,”  Hyacinth “Blue Jacket,” Tulip “Pink Impression,” Spirea “Goldflame,” and Penstemon “Husker’s Red.”  It looks kind of incomplete to me.  In needs one big white lily or a star magnolia, don’t ya think?   Maybe next week.

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